Friday, January 15, 2010


Jani says, "Roll his undershirts like his favorite Chinese valet would if he had one."

When my sister was in Navy Journalism school, she stayed with us most of the time. We were only an hour from her base and it was a lot nicer than the barracks. Sometimes, when she was home, Di would help fold the laundry. When she did, Allen's shirts were folded in some origami fold that recruits learned in Boot Camp. A finished shirt was about the size of a business envelope. They stacked beautifully and my hubby always commented on how nice they looked. Thirteen years later and still, once in a while, he will see the girls or I folding a shirt and make mention of, "Remember how your sister used to fold my shirts?" This is kind of amusing since my hubby is about the least organized person I know. Well, not the least, but he certainly makes no pains about being organized. I guess it is time for me to email my sister and find out how to do that.

Update: OK, ladies. After I wrote this post I emailed my sister for instructions on that shirt folding technique. She is so thorough! This was in my in box this very morning when I woke up.

"Was wracking my brain on how to do those shirts and could not remember. Looked it up online and this is what I've got for you:

Step 1
Lay the shirt flat. Smooth out the wrinkles with care and press the seams down.

Step 2
Fold the t-shirt from the bottom half to cover the upper half. Fold the flaps of the sleeves over so the sleeve creases are perpendicular to the bottom crease and the edges of the shirt form a rectangle.

Step 3
Fold the left and right thirds of the shirt over to touch in the center.

Step 4
Fold the left part of the shirt firmly to greet the right side edge so the shirt looks like a long, thin rectangle.

Step 5
Fold the t-shirt in one more time, aligning the top edge with the bottom edge. Neatened up the folded shirt.

Hopefully that helps."

That sure does help, dear sister of mine! Thanks a million.



  1. Dear Kat,

    Ha! Ha! When Bill helps me with the laundry, he always folds his undershirts like this...I never have even thought that he might actually prefer them this way; I always thought I was being nice to let him fold the laundry his way and not insist he do it my way! Maybe he is the one who was being nice all these years!


  2. The Husband has a particular way of folding his t-shirts (retail-style I believe), and the rest of his shirts. I had a totally different way of doing it -- but, because I could tell that for whatever reason it mattered to him, I learned his way! Glad to see that I was showing him love when I really just thought I was letting him be a little neurotic! ;-) (I did it because I love him, really! Now if I could only manage the fitted sheets!!)

  3. Hello, Lovely Ladies.

    Well, I took twenty minutes to refold all Allen's shirts this morning. It felt so very rewarding. And then I looked at his tidy cupboard (See photo I inserted above) and I was doubly blessed. I love order. All afternoon, I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for him to come home from his meeting when I know he will change out of his dress clothes and put one of his favorite pull overs.


    I know exactly what you are getting at here. I have to struggle to not tell Allen that he is folding everything wrong when he helps me with the laundry and when I keep my big mouth quiet I think I have done a good thing. I do wonder how he put up with me sometimes!


    Good for you girl! I can't do so hot with the fitted sheets, either. My KK has that down pat and Allen always laughs when I hand them to her to fold because he says, "Aren't you the one that taught her how to do that?" :)

    Happy Friday!


  4. How cute, Kat...the shirts look great!

  5. I just saw this -- thank you for the reminder to check back for follow-up comments, I am terrible about that! (I think sometimes there's a box to check that offers to notify you if that happens, but I don't know if there is one here.)

    The shirts in the picture look great! Glad you have someone to do your fitted sheets in the house! I'm very thankful that a) The Husband *can* do it and b) he doesn't fuss when I do it and it's all bumpy and lumpy in the linen closet! :-D

  6. Vanessa,

    My dear Brianna told me if you click below on the red "Subscribe by email" link it will automatically send you all future comments to that post. You will need to do this on every post that you want comments sent to you. Who knew? You learn something every day. Thank God for teenagers who know it all. Chuckling here.

    Also, I wanted to tell you ladies how much my hubby appreciated his cupboard when he got home last night.

    Hugs, girls!



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