Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cards, Cards, Cards

Jani says, "Stock up on the fun cards that lovers send to each other and send him one at the office.

This is easy. I love to read the greeting cards at the Hallmark store. I could spend hours there and always come home with more than I went for to start with. I also love to write letters and send mail.

When Allen went to the office more regularly, I used to send him notes once in a while. One time I spritzed one with my perfume and put something smart for the return address instead of my label. It wasn't until much later, weeks after I mailed it, that I began to wonder what his secretary might think, or more precisely who his secretary might think, was sending sweet smelling letters to dear hubby's office.



  1. This is a fun idea. I think I will tuck a few sweet nothing notes into his pockets.


  2. Good....afternoon? lol

    I could get LOST in the card section. The only problem is, I have a tendency to LAUGH OUT LOUD while I'm reading. Man, the looks some people give you for having a good time! lol

    I can't send Skippy mail at work, but I can put put a card in the bottom of his lunch box. If he belongs to the "clean lunch box" club, he will get a BIG SURPRISE! :> )


  3. Laura,

    I do the same thing. I used to think I was odd, but in more recent days I decided to go with this. How sad that other people at the card counter can relax and enjoy a good laugh, sigh or tear at those great cards! I have another friend and she is the same way. Way back, when I had less children, we used to go to the Hallmark store for a good time. Lunch and then the Hallmark store. No kidding!

    Love ya!



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