Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photo Reminders

Jani says, "Put a photo of yourself in his money clip."

Allen does have a number of photos of me in his billfold, even one dating back to when we first met. There are also various family portraits over the years and some of us together in special places. He often will pull these out to look at and show to whoever will look also... last night when he bought our tickets at the movie theater, he even showed them to me.

Where else might I tuck a little photo that would remind him of special times together? On his laptop he has a photo from our trip to St. Kitts as a screen saver. How about hijacking hubby's computer and putting up a photo of the two of you. How about a little reminder in his Bible so he will remember to pray for you when he meets God in the morning?

I am sure we can think of somewhere else. Photos mean so much to me, and I think most of us, as women, feel the same. Let us not undermine what they might mean to our men by thinking they are too tough for such sentimental things. Don't forget to stop back and let me know what you came up with.

Just a note before I go... I often will leave responses in my comment section.... which I know is a pain because who wants to look back to see if someone responded to something you said on their blog... but since this is small and limited to a handful of us, I like to keep the conversation here for everyone to see so that we can encourage each other. Which, after all was the point of this blog. I know it is really confusing because I am all mixed up and behind on things. The good news is I am feeling much better and should be back on schedule now. I will try to respond sooner on the day of or day following when you leave your comment in the future so if you want to check back it won't be such a hindrance.


  1. The Husband has pictures of me and our girls at his office, but now he's having to travel for work once a month -- so I'm going to try to find a small pic of them, and one of me by myself, for him to take along with him. :-)

  2. Kat,I like to come back and look for your comments!

  3. Hi, Ladies~

    I like to leave photos on Skippy's facebook page. He loves getting those surprises because they make him smile! :> )

    I was trying to figure out where I could pictures for him that would be a surprise and then I remembered what he did for me a few years back. Skippy loaded up his old iPod for me with my favorite music and then uploaded a bunch of special pictures of our children and our furbabies. Oh, how I cried! So, that is what I think I will do for him. If I can manage to get it away from him long enough to upload them.


    PS - I too, like to come back and see your comments! :> )

  4. Laura,

    What a great idea! That is super romantic. Can I steal your idea? My hubby doesn't use his ipod much at home because mine is docked in the speakers and we have the same music on both. But, when he is on the road for his marathon travel days, he does take his ipod along. It was a special gift that I had saved up for and I had it engraved for him. This would be another way to make his travel a little easier.

    You know something else I thought of ladies, Vanessa you might like this since your hubby has to be away on travel, is the little book Brianna made me on Kodak. She got a discount code and got it for free. It is a small paper back book with 20 pages and she filled it with photos and quotes of the kids for me to keep in my purse. I stopped carrying wallet size photos of the family because they were so small that you couldn't tell what they looked like. Anyway, I love keeping this in my purse and sharing it with people. I asked her to make me a new one for my birthday this year with newer pictures. What about a little book like that to tuck in his suitcase or briefcase??? Just a thought.



  5. Kat~

    Of course you may use my idea! That's what friends do...they share! :D

    I love the idea of the book. I have seen those around but have never thought to make one. What a great suggestion!



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