Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Red Carnations

Jani says, "Put a fresh carnation in his lapel. Try wrapping a teeny piece of aluminum foil, doused with a few drops of war, around the stem. Keeps the bud fresh longer. Besides, when he sees this production, he'll think it's a bigger deal."

There is a man in our church who not only grows his own roses, but during the blooming season wears a fresh rose bud in his lapel. I think it is so wonderfully.... something. I can't put my finger on the word right now, but you could probably come up with one that would work. However, with the exception of our wedding day, it is unlikely that my hubby would appreciate having to leave the house with a carnation in his lapel. How about a carnation on his desk or by the bed? Ideas anyone?



  1. Good morning, Kat~

    I can't see Skippy going off to the maintenance department at work with a rose in his lapel. They just don't go well with grease! lol

    I would say perhaps I could do that on a Sunday morning, but he doesn't wear a suit to church. He's the drummer on our Praise & Worship team at church and so he just wears dress shirts and sweaters.

    Hmmm.....I think maybe rose petals on the bed with a candle lit for when he goes to bed is something I can do. He would NEVER expect that! I will have to really think about this one though! :> /


  2. I think that in 1968 more men must have been wearing suits to work. Bill only wears suits for special occasions. I like something on the pillow idea, and I even have some red roses since Bill just gave me 18 for my birthday! I think I could place one of those on the pillow...he could appreciate that. ☺


  3. Lovely, Ladies.

    I think you are definitely on to something here! And Laura, tell Skippy, I am impressed that he can work his schedule AND find time to play the drums!

    Happy Day,


  4. Hello, Ladies.

    Here was another big strike out on my part this week. I loved this idea you had... but I didn't happen to have any rose petals sitting around. It just so happened that Allen got home really late this night and brought me a bouquet of flowers. So the girls and I picked the petals off of a salmon colored rose and sprinkled them over his side of the bed. He must have been dead because he never noticed or if he did he never mentioned it... and my Allen would not have been able to resist mentioning it if he noticed!

    Three strikes and you're out, right?

    Laughing in Maryland!



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