Monday, January 25, 2010

And More Cards

Jani says, "make your own cards. You spent too much yesterday. Besides, it's hard to find cards that say exactly what you are thinking about him."

This will be harder than yesterday, as I am so not creative! But I know Miss Hope will do something super fun with this. I will be pulling out the kids craft box and asking for some help.

You know I was just thinking, if you ladies take pictures of things like your heart shaped meat loaf and your card creations, you could send them to me, and I can upload them for everyone to see. Brianna is reading over my shoulder here and has already come up with a layout to include all those great photos you will be sending. Hint... hint.



  1. Dear Kat,

    Actually, this is more my style. I do have a difficult time finding a card that says what I want to say, and then if I do, I don’t always like the picture that goes with it, and even then, the price can be too pricey.

    When Bill was away on active duty, early in our marriage, I would send him letters like this regularly, he saved them all, and some of them have tooth paste residue on them, because that is what he used to hang them on his door when he wanted everyone to see them. Toothpaste…what a guy! ☺

    That sounds like fun…sending a photo to add to your blog…what a great idea!


  2. I'm pretty good at finding cards I like... I'm not as great on the creative front. My girls have Color Wonder and other new paint things out from Christmas as well as the little one's birthday, so maybe I'll recruit them to help! ;-)

  3. Greetings, my 365 friends~

    I won't have trouble making the card, however, I am always stumped on what to write inside! I need one of those books like they have for the video games with cheat codes in!

    How funny that you should mention that. I was thinking that very thing about posting on my blog and linking here. AWESOME! I will be happy to send you some pics. I will now make sure I take them! :> )


  4. Yes, Hope. I agree that cards can be ridiculously overpriced! I have stopped buying cards for people I will be seeing to give a gift to on their birthday... you know what I mean... like my folks always come over here and we host the family birthday celebrations. I used to always buy cards to go on the package, see previous comments about how much I love to buy cards, but in the last few years I just put a little name card on it. I think five dollars for a greeting card, that often will just be tossed in the trash, it highway robbery. Oh, I know it sounds cheap but really that's more than a box of good quality Kashi cereal which would feed my family a whole meal!

    How neat that Bill kept all your letters. When Allen was at the University for his first year and I was living in New Jersey, we wrote each other almost everyday. I still have a wooden box on my closet shelf full of those letters.

    Vanessa, Pulling out the kids stuff is a great idea... and it'll be fun for everyone involved, too. Plus, how great that the little ones will see that Mommy likes to take time to make something special for daddy.

    Laura, how about going to Quote and searching for quotes on love. I found a bunch there that will be popping up in future posts here.

    Let me know if you link over so I can check out your post.

    Have a beautiful Wednesday, friends.



  5. That's a great idea. When it comes to crafts, I am so terrible lol.

    I followed this one too so I would be updated with your designs and stuff.

  6. Hey, Kat~

    Thanks for the heads up on I LOVE IT! :> ) Now I will never be speechless! lol



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