Sunday, January 17, 2010


Jani says, "Put a new miniature Kleenex packets in his jackets."

I think we covered this when we talked about the sore throat thing. But if you have not thoroughly prepared hubby for sore throats, colds and flus this season then now is a good time to jump on board with those Kleenex.

If you did, don't think you are off the hook just because you got the Kleenex. Let us know what other creative way you came up with to let your dear one know you love him today.



  1. Hi, Kat~

    Boy, do I already have this one covered! lol He has them in his coat and in his car. They are like his American Express Card....he never leaves home without them! lol


  2. I realize that people do not use handkerchiefs as they used to, but I still like to keep one tucked away in my purse, and I like to tuck and ironed one into Bill’s pocket as a backup to the tissues. This must be because I am a crier, and the handkerchief is better for tears than a tissue. ☺


  3. Hope,

    I had to comment on handkerchiefs. I do keep on in my purse as well and all my children, yes even my boys, carry one. As you say they have endless applications. Even if it is just for less than sanitary public surfaces. I wear contact lenses and my eyes are always watering... plus allergies... a great thing to have for covering your nose for a sneeze or for a cough... I do like to keep the Kleenex around when you really need to blow, though... it just seems more sanitary. My Elisabeth finds hankies so charming that for her 2nd birthday, I gave her a dozen of her very own vintage tatted handkerchiefs. She never goes far without one and when she gets a boo-boo the first thing she asks for is a hanky. It is like magic... she dabs at her eyes and instantly stops crying.

    I happen to love vintage linens and the creative embroidery on handkerchiefs is very fun.

    I have no idea what all that has to do with the price of tea in china... but there you have it.

    Love ya!



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