Thursday, January 14, 2010


Jani says, "Put a "Sunday Brunches Out Are Fun" note in his left shoe and just simply suggest that sometimes it's fun to have only two meals."

Way back when we used to go out for brunch. We always enjoyed it, so I am not sure why we don't do that anymore... too many kids? Too busy? Hmmm.... Regardless, I think reviving that habit would be good. In his shoe, a note I will put!



  1. Many Saturdays we only have two meals, a late breakfast, which we call brunch and an early dinner, both of which we try to make special because they are our weekend celebration meals.

    I like the note in his shoe idea...I will have to do that...maybe just a little love note. ☺


  2. Hi, Ladies~

    I have to admit I didn't do this one. :> ( However, going out for wings on Sunday afternoons after church is becoming a favorite of ours. Does that count? LOL

    I'm with Hope.....maybe a little love note in the shoe is forthcoming!

  3. Well, I did leave a note in his shoe the other day... which he did not find until this morning.

    Back in the very beginning when we first set up housekeeping, Allen was still in college at University of Maryland. He went to classes all day and worked in the computer lab between classes and in the evenings. On weekends he worked as a carpenter. I worked in a nursing home evenings and nights. Entry level nursing around here always gets you the yucky shifts plus we needed the extra money so I would pull every extra shift I could get and liked the differential bonus I could get for working holidays, weekends and night shifts.

    Every other Sunday we were both off. That was the only time we were guaranteed to see each other. We were so tired from the crazy schedules we kept that we would sleep in until noon and then one of us would get the coffee and newspaper and we'd lay in bed a few more hours. Some of those old days we didn't get up until almost dinner time.

    Anyway... I wrote a very short note reminding him about how we used to spend Sundays. Allen went out of his way to tell me about the note in his shoe with a little grin on his face about the "old days". [Not that we don't enjoy the Sunday mornings now when 7 kids jump on us as soon as the sun comes up:)]

    I guess my point here is that while brunch may not be something we will do... Jani had a good idea about the note in the shoe and it triggered some good times that we hadn't thought about in many years!




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