Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Foot Massage

Jani says, "Explore and massage his feet while he watches television."

Allen is far too ticklish for this. He can not stand having his feet touched. Maybe I can try for a back rub, though.



  1. Bill would probably like a foot massage, but I know for certain he likes back massages! This is great for after work.

  2. This is an easy one! I know how much he appreciates these, and I know I need to do this more!

  3. I'm sorry, ladies....this one I just can't do. I HATE FEE! roflol!

    I will have to resort to a back massage instead. I know Skippy won't mind at all!
    :> )

  4. Ha! Ha! Kat, I just realized that I typed 1020 as this year's date in yesterday's comment! That gives you an idea of how my brain sees things...I often have to be very careful when reading off numbers, and I sometimes do strange things with words, too, making them into entirely different words than what is written.

    Also, I could literally kiss Bill's feet...I love them that much! ♥♥♥


  5. My husband is out of town for work, but I will try to remember the foot massage for this weekend when he is home.

  6. Hi, Hope.

    I could never get close enough to Allen's feet to kiss them. He is so squeamish. He literally has to force himself to be still when I have tried to rub his feet. I enjoy it so much myself, having my feet rubbed, that I keep thinking he must like it. Not so much.

    And then... by the time Allen got home the other night and had his dinner it was so late, we sat on the couch and I had every intention of giving him that back rub and then I fell promptly asleep. This one will be on my "to do" list for the weekend.


    Glad to see you here. I hope you stick around with us a while.




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