Sunday, January 3, 2010

State of the Marriage Address

If you are just joining us, you should read this to find out what this is all about. I can't wait to hear how yesterday went for the rest of you!

Today Jani says, "Deliver to him a State of the (Marriage) Union Address, including a resolution for the coming year that you will keep your Union staunch and sturdy."

I am working on this... but my hubby is still on leave and finding time alone to work on it... not so easy today! I will be back to post my finished product in the comment section.


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  1. Well, hello there.

    Now this, admittedly is not the best I could do. My brain is not functioning fully (sick here) and I had to try to write around my husband carrying fire wood in. I know that Allen will still get a kick out of the idea anyway and perhaps I can improve on it when I feel better:) Anyway, here it goes!

    State of the Marriage Address

    On this third day of January in the year of our Lord two thousand and ten, I stand before you to give you the State of the Marriage Union address.

    Roll call:
    1 Pa
    1 Mama
    4 girls
    3 boys
    4 lizards
    2 birds
    1 cat
    1 fish

    The year should get off to a real bang with a very special birthday celebration for our fine leader as he commemorates forty years of blessing.

    We suggest that the union continues with Monday night FBI classes, Friday evening Dish Night At the Wachters, and lunch at Chick-fil-A on alternate Thursdays following haircuts.

    Home school shall commence for the semester on January 4th with students currently enrolled in kindergarten, first, second, fourth, ninth and twelfth grade. The main focus of study will be Bible, Reading and Math. The semester will end in June with the graduation of one student.

    The Vice President respectively requests the annual couples retreat in March to a location to be determined by the parties involved. Congress and Senate can fend for themselves.

    Annual vacation will take place in September and October with visits to Disney World and Tybee Island, Georgia. Foreign delegate Jacksons will be accompanying the Union on said trip. We recommend funds continue to be accrued to cover the expenses involved by collecting fines at the cost of .05 per offense as well as personal contributions to the Sand Castle fund. Household agrees to continue setting aside $50 twice monthly to be added to the vacation jar. Congress (girl offspring) will embark on their soap making business in order to save toward the vacation cost.

    The Department of Home Improvement suggests a completion of the basement remodel project, repainting the living room and building an outbuilding with electricity for a wood working shop.

    The Senate (boy offspring) requests consideration for the addition of a cat and/or dog in 2010. The congress could be persuaded to vote in this direction also.

    The department of Agriculture will be bringing a bill to add more blueberry, strawberry and raspberry plants. Also, completion of the orchard will be on the agenda. The committee in charge of the secret garden would like more bricks to finish the path and the border fence.

    The Senate also will be presenting a bill for completion of the caboose. Congress votes that any necessary funds be put toward this project.

    This representative suggests the year may be filled with frivolity and memory making events. Hugging and kissing are optional but couldn’t hurt in keeping a “staunch and sturdy union.”

    All those in favor say, “Aye.”


Have you shown your hubby love today? Leave a comment with your idea here and read the other comments to get inspiration from fellow challengers.


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