Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nothing Says "Love" Like a Nice Towel

Jani says, "Buy him some big huge Martex bath sheets, like the kind sultans use, at the January White Sale. Have the towels marked with a lion crest and monogrammed "HIS."

I hate to shop so going to any store to buy a towel is a true act of love! My sweetheart is worth it. However, I will not be in town until Thursday so I ordered a Martex Bath Sheet from Amazon.com. I know that my honey will be grateful that I conserved gas by shopping Amazon prime instead of making a round trip in the Suburban for one item. Plus I got a super sweet price on it, $10.99 since I wasn't particular about color. I have seen these for upward of $30 so I am happy to get such a great deal. My sister gave us some of these years ago as a house warming present and they really are luxurious. They lasted for what seemed like forever, too.

I wouldn't even know where to start looking for someone who monograms towels in this day and age. However, this towel is burgundy which will stand out from the blue in the kids bathroom and the taupe with palm trees in our bathroom. I thought I would hand embroidered "PA" on it in case there was any doubt as to who it belongs to.

I briefly considered ordering some iron on letters but couldn't find what I liked quickly. If you are more patient with searching that could be an option if you don't embroider.

Update: For those who would like to see the finished product



  1. A large towel is wonderful, but since I am not able to do that at this time, I will tell you one of the ways I show Bill that I love him.

    When we were first married, Bill did not have an automatic start coffee pot, so I got up ten minutes before I needed to wake him and started the coffee. When it was ready, I woke him with a fresh cup of coffee in hand. I still bring him a cup of coffee every work morning when I kiss him awake. I place a few extra pillows behind him to make him comfortable. He enjoys the leisure of waking up slowly with his coffee. In the dark winter months, I often light a candle or oil lamp to help easy him into the morning. ☺


  2. Hope,

    What a wonderful way to honor your husband and get him off to a good start in the morning! I love the idea of the candles, too. When I have been nursing babies in dark hours, at different times over the years, Allen would light a candle for me and it made it so cozy. I am sure that Bill is blessed by your efforts. Thanks for sharing the suggestion with the rest of us!


  3. Now that I am starting to feel more like myself, that towel got embroidered and hung in the bathroom. At first, Allen was confused and thought it might a birthday surprise from one of the kids. When we told him no he asked, "Was it a 365?" Are your hubbies as excited about this as mine?

  4. Nicely Done! I love it!


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