Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Jani says, "On the Feast of the Epiphany go somewhere and take distinctive gifts as did the Three Wise Men."

So, I am not sure where we will go... likely to dinner somewhere... likely our favorite restaraunt where we always go and the wait staff knows us.

I do know I will be using Mommy's suggestion from the pillow fight post and send a meeting request for this.

We (my girls were brainstorming with me) did come up with three gifts as close to the Magi's as our very uninventive-in-our-state-of-sickness-minds could. For frankincense: a special "manly" scented soap. Gold: the movie Cinderella Man. Myrrh left us stumped when Kaitlin finally suggested a Myrna Loy movie. Sue us. Let me know if you come up with something better! (Smiling here)



  1. This will take some creativity, as we're on a hold for gift-giving since Christmas just passed and our younger daughter is having a birthday very soon... I think I have some $$ left on iTunes from *my* last gift card though, and if so, I think maybe I'll get him 3 songs that represent our past, present and future. :-)

  2. Mommy,

    Excellent idea. Last Christmas we limited our gifts to each other and that's what I did... used all the gift cards my parents had given me during the year... worked great. Your idea is especially nice because the point is to be creative and put some effort into it... Let us know what three songs you come up with! You could think of songs whose titles reflect the gifts of the Magi... Like one that mentions gold in the title... another by Frank Sinatra... My brain is still under the influence of the flu so the old brain cells aren't working so well... but hopefully you will get the idea.



  3. Hello,
    I did want you to know I was here yesterday, but I did not know how to go about this one...
    We did go for a little drive last night, though, so that was special.


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