Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dates for the Year

If you are just joining us, you should read this to find out what this is all about. I can't wait to hear how yesterday went for the rest of you!

Today Jani says, "Buy him a new personal calendar, complete with dates he'd like to remember."

This sounds like a great idea. The only catch is I gave him his favorite Dilbert a day calendar in his Christmas stocking. And then there is the fact that he doesn't use a calendar... except to read Dilbert.

I decided to make sure all his important dates are current on his outlook and add a few little notes of my own as well. For example, I am going to pick a day that I know he will be working locally and add an "appointment" to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee after he finishes meeting with his customer.

The possibilities here are endless. One day could include a note to meet by the fire for breakfast before the kids wake up. A walk before he returns to work after lunch on a day in March.

I have decided to add one such "date" to his outlook each month for the year. Then he will have a little surprise to look forward to through the whole year.

Let me know if you have some ideas for other months.

Also, for those waiting for your invitations. Blogger will not give the option to send invitations until I close the blog to the public and make it by invite only. So for those who are waiting, hold on and they will be coming soon.



  1. Kat,
    I like the calendar idea, and also the way you are using Outlook to make it work for you. I think the once a month “date” will be fun to add; I am going to try that. ☺

    P.S. Are you going to keep the verification word? ☺

  2. Well, M already bought his calendar for this year, too, so I guess I'll have to do something similar to what you're doing.

  3. Dear Hope,

    Sorry about word verification... I can't stand those things! As you know my head has been a little in the clouds... I didn't even know it was on... and seeing as I left a comment there you think I would have noticed! I have turned it off now... and I am glad to see you here:)



  4. Hey, Kat~

    Skippy doesn't use a calendar or Outlook but I have figured out a way to put little notes and dates available for him. I am putting them onto the calendar on his cell phone along with an alarm that will notify him when something is coming up.

    I am so loving the once a month date idea as well!



  5. Laura,

    What a great idea to use hubby's cell phone calendar! I like the alarm idea, too. That's being creative.



  6. OK... Here is what I put on Hubby's calendar

    January 4, 7:30-8 am... meet CP by the woodstove for breakfast before going to meeting.

    February 5, 8:00 am... it's my birthday... meet me in the kitchen after breakfast for a kiss

    March 2, 2:30 meet CP at Starbucks after your meeting for a cup of coffee

    April 6, 1:00 after lunch take a walk with CP before returning to work

    May 3, 9:00 pm Since you are in Dallas and missing home, call CP for a phone date (Note to CP... don't mention sick kids and broken pipes)

    June 7 5:00PM Grab your racket and meet CP at the court for a tennis date

    July 6 7:00 PM Meet at our favorite tree in Baker Park for a picnic

    August 3, 3:00 pm It is hot out this afternoon. Meet CP at Rita's Italian Ice to cool down a bit

    September 1, 8:30 Pm Summer is almost over but there is still some time until vacation... soak up the last of the summer nights with CP and a cool drink by the pool

    October 20 9:00 Pm. It is cool out now... dessert by the Chimnea with CP

    November 23, 8:00 PM... Kick off the holiday season with CP... take in a movie of your choice at Westridge Theater

    December 5, 7:00PM. St. Nicolas Day is just around the corner! Go Christmas shopping with CP and maybe there will be something special in your shoe in the morning.

    Well, I hope that some of these ideas help you all out!



  7. Kat,

    I love all your entries! Especially the one on February 5th, It's my birthday, meet me in the kitchen after breakfast for a kiss. WAHOO, COOKIE! I just found out another thing we have in common. I am a February girl as well. Mine's on the 7th! :> )

    Great blog, my friend!



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