Monday, January 18, 2010

I Just Called To Say...

Jani says, "Call him just to say "I Love You," then hang up. Make sure there are no little extra messages like "Bring Home bacon, " or any other shopping errands. This will take will power."

No texting and email do not count! Only the real article here. Let him hear your lovely voice in the middle of the day, and you will put a little bounce in his afternoon.



  1. Hello Kat,

    Bill is off work today because of Martin Luther King Day. However, I do like to call him at work just to say “I Love YOU!” and I shall save this for another day.

    I was curious so I looked it up…In 1968 when 365 Days was written, January 7th’s “I Am At Your Service Day” and January 14th’s "Sunday Brunches Out Are Fun" were both Sundays instead of Thursdays, as they are this 1020. So, some weekends, if it sounds as though we are sending our husbands off to work, and other days it sounds as though we want to play, but it is a work day…this would be the reason.


  2. Oh, for this one, I will have to resort to texting as Skippy can not get phone calls except during lunch, and since he never knows when that will be, it's hard to call.

    So, texting "I LOVE YOU" it is! :> )

  3. Well, hello, friends.

    As I said, Allen was busy and running all week. I never could manage to get him on the phone. Finally, Thursday afternoon, I made one last ditch effort and ended up getting his voice mail. I left a message saying, "I Love You" and then hung up, just like Jani said. I think she really didn't know much about answering machines and voice mail, eh? I am not sure that it counts to leave a message... so I will have to try again next week.


    You are such a hoot. As I am always telling you... you are my little detective. I never thought to check the calendar to see when the days fell in 1968. I did change a few of the challenges as they seemed inappropriate to the day... like breakfast in bed is coming up... maybe tomorrow... and I moved it from a weekday to a weekend... to make it more doable... I will try to be more considerate of that in the future.



  4. Kat,

    You are a dear and make me smile! Yeah, I was wondering how this wonderful breakfast-in-bed post ended up on such a perfect day for it!

    Also, I too tried to call Bill at work and got his answering is not easy to get him. I will have to try it again this coming week. ☺



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