Saturday, January 9, 2010

Borrow the Kids' Crayons

For Saturday Jani says, "Write 'I Love You' on the bathroom mirror. Be sure to get up ahead of him so this can surprise him. Use the magical kids' crayons that are made of soap."

Be creative. Why stop with "I Love You." Why not invite him to join you for Bible reading after the kids go to bed? A walk in the moonlight? A drive down a country road? I know you can come up with something good! This could be a fun alternative to sending meeting invites on his Outlook.

If you haven't got the kids crayons, dry erase markers will work, too. Take it from me. We write on the fridge, bathroom tile, mirrors, windows and any washable (NOT PAINTED-although Elisabeth did that and it washed right off. I still don't recommend making a habit of it.) surface with dry erase markers around here. In a pinch you could always use the old lipstick, too.

I am going to tell you, even for those who have no children, these bath tub crayons are wonderful. We write love notes to each other in the shower and even notes to the kids. We write math facts that are being problematic on the tile or bathroom mirror for extra practice. Scripture, jokes and ongoing dialogue. We have even had dinner guests disappear for a long time in the bathroom only to find they liked the idea so well that they left some graffiti of their own.

They are cheap enough in the bubble bath section at Walmart and Target and also available from Avon and various catalogs at different times during the year. Make sure to get an extra because you will be surprised how fast they disappear once the family gets in on the fun.

Oh, and the kids enjoy playing with them, too!



  1. I keep a dry erase marker in our bathroom to leave notes for The Husband. I'm often in bed after him, so I'm able to jot something on the mirror and he sees it when he's up. Only now, if I am to write something PG-13, we have to clean it quickly because our older daughter is reading!!!

  2. Dear Kat,
    I did not get up before Bill this morning, but you inspired me to quickly run into the bathroom and leave a love note for him while he was in the shower. I used children’s markers which wash off of the mirror easily.

  3. I did draw a heart on the mirror and inside I wrote C.P. & A.R. When we were getting ready for bed he mentioned the "graffiti on the mirror." The funny part was, it had been so long since I put it there, for a minute I had no clue what he was talking about.

    Don't put those markers away. Use them often and soon he will be leaving notes for you, too!



  4. Oh, I missed this one? lol

    I like to write "S H M I L Y" (See How Much I Love You)in the condenstation on the mirror after I take a shower. Then when Skippy takes a shower, everything on the mirror fogs up but that! :> )



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