Sunday, January 10, 2010

Play It Again, Jani

Jani says, "He got such a bang out of the soap love note, why don't you ditto the same message all over the remaining bathroom tile?"

Need I say more?



  1. I wrote a new message on the mirror this morning. Allen always showers at night and there will be several showers before him, so I wanted to be sure it wouldn't get washed away. It was simple, "I think you are kind of cute." I can see him grinning already.

    Happy Sunday ladies,


  2. Aw...What a sweet message!

  3. Wednesday morning my Allen got up before the sun to leave for a trip to Philadelphia. When I got up and went to brush my teeth there was a message for me on the mirror. Paybacks sure are sweet. I left it for days and leaned to the corner to put my face on. All the kids had to come running to tell me about the note on the mirror, too.


    In regards to your daughter who can read... maybe it is time for code?



  4. Here's a little funny for you. Remember Friday I wrote on the mirror, "Today I am at your service." And then, later in the day, hubby wrote, "Yeah!" Emma Rose had a friend staying with us over the weekend. Tonight at dinner we were talking about 365 Ways and Emma related this story.

    "Gracie asked who wrote on the mirror. I told her that Mama did and then Pa did. Gracie asked why." We asked her what she told Gracie. Sweet little Emma said, "I told her it was like the love dare but 365 days and the wives are doing it for the men."

    So there you have it ladies, we aren't just blessing our husbands, our girls are watching and learning and telling their friends about it, too.




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