Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who needs coffee?

Jani says, "Keep a small bottle of essence of peppermint on your side of the nightstand and use it in the a.m. before he wakes up to your kiss."


  1. Sweet! I have an award for you so stop on over to get it.

  2. I have never heard of Essence of Peppermint; at first, I thought it was something to make the breath fresh, but now I am thinking it is a perfume. Either way, I am usually up Before Bill and come back to wake him later…with coffee. ☺


  3. Good morning, Ladies~

    I have used peppermint while I had a bad sinus infection. I put a little bit on my finger and then put it on the back of my tongue. After it took my breath away, LITERALLY, it stopped my coughing completely for 1/2 an hour, allowing me to sing in the Christmas program.

    Like Hope, I usually get up before Skippy so I have a chance to brush my teeth prior to his waking up. No dragon breath here! :> )


  4. Hope,

    I thought it was to freshen your breath, too. And I thought, hmmm... some chewing gum, maybe??? But as you say, I am almost always the first one up and try to be fresh and made up before the coffee is done. When Allen does get up before me, he wakes me up gently by bringing me my toothbrush when he goes in to brush his own teeth. That way after two minutes I have to get up to spit. I guess when you have been married as long as the lot of us, you already have all those things ironed out, eh?


    I am going to have to give that peppermint a whirl for coughs, though. When I have a bad asthma spell that last lingering cough can hang on for weeks, keeping me awake all night. Two of my children get the same way. This could be a wonderful solution as I hate having to pull out the codeine stuff and deal with the lingering grogginess the next morning.

    Wishing you all many Happy Good Mornings!




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