Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flowers are for men, too!

Jani says "Station a bunch of violets in his workshop."

These are the flowers I put on Allen's desk. Yellow because it is one of his two favorite colors.


  1. I read this yesterday, but did not reply because I have not figured out how I would make it work for Bill. There is no way I can do this for him at work and at home, he is the one who plants the flowers in the window boxes and other places. I certainly am a spoiled wife…maybe I should write him a card telling him how much I enjoy all the flowers he provides for my pleasure. ☺


  2. It may not be violets, but I will certainly put a vase of flowers on Allen's desk as soon as I get to town. We are short of flowers in our gardens at this time... Ha! Yes, I crack myself up.

    Got to go! Dinner is ready.



  3. Flowers were a huge hit. To find room on hubby's desk for them I had to push a lot of stuff into a box. I didn't' know if he would appreciate that but when he got home and I apologized for doing that he said, "That will encourage me to clean it up soon." Wish I knew that year ago!

    Love ya,



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