Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Jani says "On Valentine's Day have his Valentine's card (which you created) canned at a local canning company or mail it to Azuma, a gifty-fun shoppe at 666 Lexington Avenue in New York City, where they will can it for you. Or invest in a paper dress a la can. Oh stop, if you really want to wow him you can come up with a can!"

Jani, you are a hoot! This must have been something really popular back then, don't you think??? Well, I am sure we all can come up with some special Valentine's Day plans to wow our sweeties with.


  1. I gave him two cards, one funny and one sweet. :-) No cans involved though!

  2. Dear Kat,

    I am sorry if I disappoint you, but I have never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I have always thought of Valentine’s Day as a commercial strategy to get people to spend money after the holidays. I read an article, which stated that people would spend an average of $103 on Valentine’s Day this year...the average is down only 50 cents from last year. Of course, that includes the whole shebang…card, dinner, movie, etc.

    Now that you know that…will you still be my friend? ☺


  3. Well, in light of my state over the weekend... I wasn't such a fun date. We put off celebrting Valentine's Day until we can all enjoy it. Our family makes a dress up fancy dinner and eat together by candlelight and soft music. We make Valentines for each other with scriptures of love and notes of what we love about each other. The day would not be complete without some heart shaped sugar cookies.

    As for your desire to celebrate or not celebrate the holiday... it is all up to you. I personally think that you can make any day what you choose it to be. I have a friend who refuses to celebrate Christmas because of the commercialism surrounding it and the number of traditions rooted in paganism. For us, we choose to celebrate it and make sure that the holiday is centered where we want our family to focus, that being the coming of our Saviour to earth. It is no skin off my back one way or the other... However, I would counter that if you choose not to celebrate a holiday based on commericalism, that would rule out pretty much Easter, Christmas and all the rest, too.

    I love any good reason to celebrate and all the more if it is a chance to show my family and hubby that I am so glad the Lord saw fit to give us each other in this life. I also choose to do so without the commercialism of the world and instead make paper Valentines out of scraps from around the art table and sewing basket and avoid the sugared treats instead opting for some home made delicacies. I, too, am disgusted by the commercialism and greed of this world.

    Will I still be your friend? Why of course. Will you still love me when you get the Valentine I mailed you???

    Happy Tuesday,


  4. Ha! Ha! Oh Kat...I am such a rat!

    You and Lisa are so much alike. Lisa likes everyday to have some theme of which to celebrate...

    I hope I am not as bad as I sound! I do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, etc…

    I think it is great the way you celebrate life. You are extremely special! I am blessed to know you. Thanks for loving me, bad habits and all!

    Great big hug to you!


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