Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love Me, Love My Teeth

Hello, beautiful ladies.

I bet you all think I dropped off the face of the earth??? I didn't. It has just been an unusual time for me. Earlier in the week a lot of hecticness (I don't care if that isn't a word... you all know what I mean) and since Friday I have been surrounded by lots of fun family stuff that has kept me away from the world of technology. I still think of you all and pray for your marriages each day. (Did I ever tell you that? I like to pray for you all at different times. Yes, I think even the happiest of couples need God's grace to be all that we can be!) I will be back soon enough and you will be sick of seeing me around. For now though, I will turn you over to Jani. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Jani says, "Find out when he would be most happy to visit the dentist."

Our family dentist appointment is scheduled when we go for our six month check up so this is on the calendar already. I will write a reminder on the dry erase board in his office so he can be sure to keep that day open.



  1. ☺ Bill already had his cleaning about 2 weeks ago...and mine is up and coming! ☺

    I’ll substitute this idea with making sure to give him lots of smiles today.☺


  2. Hope,

    I was thinking about Bill already having his cleaning when I typed this up. I remembered we had talked about that the other week. Maybe people have better habits of keeping up with their dental cleanings than in 1968??? I like the idea of filling in with lots of smiles.

    Love to you,


  3. The Husband just went in for his cleaning last week, and made his appointment -- but this reminded me that I changed his appointment so he and Big Sister could go together in 6 months! :-D Guess I should tell him that!!

  4. "Find out when he would be most happy to visit the dentist."

    This is an easy one..........NEVER!!! lol Skippy absolutely HATES going to the dentist, but he goes anyway, my little trooper! LOL



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