Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Steaks or subs... the choice is yours.

Jani says "Time for a candlelight dinner. Shouldn't have to tell you that. This is guaranteed to keep him at your dinner table for years to come."

We eat by candlelight every night during the winter. It is just nicer that way. We like to have candlelit dinners after the kids go to bed sometimes, too. I will be sure to get an invite out for this one ASAP... maybe tonight even.


  1. I work childcare at church tonight, but we often eat later on Wednesdays with the mild chaos. So maybe I can find our candles and we can have leftovers or take out by candlelight!

  2. I have also have been wanting to do this,but mostly to save on electricity! Need to buy candles!!

  3. This sounds like something easily doable and fun!

    Bill never eats late on work nights; he usually just snacks a bit after work…no dinner. I will have to save the candle light dinner for the weekend.

    I do light a candle every morning, though, for our morning coffee. ☺ And we usually have either an oil lamp or candles burning in the evenings.

    Sometimes when people enter out home in the evening, they wonder why we don’t have the lights on, but it really is not so dark; we have the smaller lights on in the dinning hutch and in the cabinets on either side of out entertainment center. Also, there is usually, the hood light on over the range, or the nightlight nearby. In addition to all the little lights and candles, we usually have a fire burning in the wood stove.


  4. P.S. We usually by most of our candles at the thrift store; it is amazing how often people discard their candles after only lighting the briefly of even not at all.


  5. I need to check that out. I was lamenting the other week how candles seem to have become so very expensive, lately. I never thought of buying them in the thrift store. Never thought of looking in the thrift store. Thanks for the tip.

    Love ya!


  6. Hope, we use oil lamps and candles all the time too. There is nothing like the soft glow of a fire or a candle, especially those that are scented too, adds just that little extra.


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