Friday, February 12, 2010

"Singin' in the Snow..."

Jani says "Buy him an extra set of galoshes for his office, and put them there. The weatherman has done nothing but forecast snow for a solid week."

No need for galoshes in his office, since he is most always not there. But since Allen often drives between three states, the weather can change dramatically from his morning appointments to his afternoon. I was thinking a second pair of galoshes in his trunk, perhaps in a rubbermaid to keep the trunk clean, might be a nice help for snowy parking lots.


  1. Hi, Ladies.

    I ordered a pair of nice warm galoshes on Amazon last week when I typed this post. The only catch is no mail has been able to get through (except for Tuesday) in a week. We got an email from Amazon that they are sorry they can't deliver due to the severe weather... hopefully, they will arrive before he goes away next week... after these storms he will definitely need them!

    Happy Day!


  2. Too funny that this is actually in the book and we get it during this crazy weather! Of course, I'm in FL so we don't have to worry about the snow!!

  3. I thought that was funny, too, Vanessa. Allen's boots finally arrived and it couldn't be better timing. I dropped them in his trunk with a note last night. Hopefully, when all this starts to thaw they will come in handy and he will be blessed to know that I was trying to keep those tootsies dry. Now that I think of it, perhaps I should tuck some extra socks in there, too.




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