Monday, February 8, 2010

King of his Castle

Jani says "Ask if he'd like his chest of drawers straightened. Proceed only if he agrees. Give him as much sovereignty over his kingdom as possible."


  1. Ha!Ha! He not only wants it, but expects the nicest way possible. ☺

  2. I am always in a constant state of tidying and straightening. Whenever I open a drawer or closet I put it in order if it needs it. Yes, that is completely obsessive... but there are worse vices to have, right? Allen is not the most organized person, and I know he appreciates that I do this for him. His office is a different story. It is most disorganized and he tells me he can work well that way. Once or twice a year, I can't take it anymore and I go in and file papers and take everything off the desk and dust it and put the books on the shelf... it drives him totally nuts because he says he can not find anything. Just in case, I will ask him if he'd like me to pop in and do some tidying while he is out of town this week.

    Hope you all are having a great start to your week!


  3. He keeps them SOOO straight on his own!! :-D I take great care when I put away his clothes already, because I know how much he appreciates it! :-)

  4. Hi, Ladies~

    The words "organized" and "Skippy" will NEVER be used in the same sentence! lol

    We are in the process of rearranging our bedroom and replacing the furniture, so at the moment, Skippy's "Castle" looks a little more like the "mote" in front of it!

    I will, however, ask him if he would like his "chariot" straightened up. I certainly know what the answer to that will be!


  5. Laura,

    I was thinking the car was a great idea... Allen's does tend to look a bit "lived in" since he travels so much. Since he got a new car in November it actually was too tidy for me to make a difference. I think I am back to the office.




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