Friday, February 5, 2010

Fear The Turtle

Jani says, "Send him a telegram exclaiming his school fight challenge, followed by lots of exclamation points."

University of Maryland's slogan was "Fear the Turtle"... I'm not sure there's anything romantic about that... especially since the whole time he was at U of MD, I told him how stupid it was. And can you even send a telegram anymore? Can we say text message? Or maybe I could wear his college sweatshirt when he gets home?


  1. Do schools even have fight challenges anymore?? And I don't know if I can bring myself to it -- as we went to rival high schools! ;-)

  2. Good evening, Kat~

    Thank goodness Skippy and I went to the same school. No rivalry here! :> )


  3. Hello, Vanessa.

    Our local schools do still do this... but, as a home schooler, I am far out of that loop. I actually pulled his U of MD sweatshirt out to put on when we went out to play in the snow. Some helpful person picked it up and put it away and that was that. I never thought of it again. OOPS! Don't worry, though. Lots of snow I will need to keep warm in...

    So, Laura, you and Skippy have known each other a long time??? Neato! I am popping over to check out your post now. I am sorry I wasn't there sooner... lots going on here the last few days.



  4. Laura had a good idea to post this on her blog. I stole it with a little twist. I got Brianna to get onto Allen's blog for me and put up a post. If you want to see it you can check it out at

    Am I the only person who thinks it is a pain that you can create a link in a comment box???

    Thanks for the inspiration, Laura.



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