Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Make a Nest Egg

Jani says, "Start to save fifty-cent pieces today. Soon you can pop a play on him with the money you've saved-and fifty centses are such a clean, fun kick to be on."

Allen and I keep an envelope. In it we put any five dollar bills we get. This money helps to fund our annual Pa and Mama only spring getaway. Five dollars at a time doesn't seem like much, but it adds up quickly and before you know it you can do something special with your sweetie.

It doesn't have to be $5 bills or a trip. It could be $1 bills and dinner out just the two of you. Quarters could quickly add up to two movie tickets and some popcorn. Be creative. Maybe you'd like a new video for a date at home... toss those nickles in a jar. Maybe there is a museum or gallery you'd like to visit. A special event coming to your area? What about if your honey is into cars. Start tossing dimes in a jar to save up to rent some fancy vehicle you can't afford to buy but he'd sure like to drive. Pick him up at work and take him for a long scenic drive as the sun sets. You could even pack a picnic or dessert.



  1. Hi, Kat~

    Oh, it's good to be back! :> ) I don't have any set amount that I put away. I sneak into his wallet and grab a couple of singles, making sure he has enough that he won't notice.

    Well, let's just hope he doesn't start reading my comments on here! ROFLOL!


  2. We have a jar of coins that we keep, and I'm the worst at adding to it! I'm going to have to try harder on that, because we were able to use it for a little trip he and I took once! Or maybe I'll just fill my own jar so I can surprise him later on myself!

  3. Hello dear Kat,

    This reminds me of a Dick Van Dike episode, The Bank Book, where Laura was secretly saving up for a gift for Rob in a savings account under her name, and Rob finds her bankbook hidden inside a glove in her drawer…I think I will see about posting that episode if I can…

    I really like your last suggestion, Kat; I think that would be something that would really blow Bill away! Now I just need to figure out which car would really wow him…hmmm.


  4. Hello dear Kat,

    I found The Bank Book online and have it scheduled to post for Saturday.


  5. What a fun blog!!! I just found it and I am following it... :) Our 7th Anniversary is Mon. Time is flying. I will be back to read past post and keep up. Thanks for the fun and ideas.

  6. Hope,

    I do remember that episode and it was a sports car she was saving for. We actually have these on DVD. I always enjoy watching them as they are funny without being offensive. Mary Tyler Moore is so adorable and yet a graceful home maker and I love that so many of their exchanges are really true to life.

    As for which car... remember those magazines? Why not leave some car magazines around and start a little discussion... "I like this car, Bill. What do you think of that?" You get points twice. First, he will be thrilled you are taking an interest in cars (at least Allen would be) and then you can find out which one he would like to rent.


    Welcome! I am so glad you found us. Ladies, it looks like you were right about keeping this blog open. (Hope, if you have time you should check out her post on laundry. It sounds just like you and I!)


    Of course, on the other hand... there is a plus to making it private... Laughing here in Maryland. Good to see ya, sweetie.

    Thanks for a fun visit, ladies.



  7. Kat,

    There you go again! I like the way you think; you are so creative! ☺


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