Monday, February 1, 2010

Vest Pocket Garden

Jani says "Find out if the building superintendent has anything against a 'vest pocket garden', which you can make in a window box for his office. If you can get the okay, keep the box seasonally planted."


  1. Good morning!

    Well, I know I can't do this one for Skippy at work since he doesn't have an office, just a locker.

    However, I am racking my brain to see how I can change this one around and make it fit here!



  2. Well, I had to think on this for a while. Allen used to love to have potted plants in the window in his office. But he is rarely in his official office anymore, either being on the road or working from home most days. Right outside his home office is our square foot garden. My mom really provided the genius to this one, though. Even though she has no idea.

    We love to garden and it has long been a family joy and something we look forward to all winter. Allen comes from a long line of farmers and spent many years working on his uncles' dairy farms. I am happy to drop a seed into the ground and watch it grow. But not my man. He loves to dig through varieties and find just the best one each spring. For Christmas, my parents signed my up for a Seed Saver club that maintains and sells heirloom seeds.

    My catalog came in the mail the other day. I am going to fix Allen a little coffee and dessert and make sure he has some time to sit and dig through the book and choose his seeds for the upcoming planting season.

    Happy Day!


  3. Kat, your idea is so sweet!

    Bill is not a farmer, but he has always loved to grow things. The first time he took me to his house when we were dating, he made a point of taking me out back to see his garden...I remember the summer squash...he cooked some for dinner, I had never known how delicious summer squash could be!



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