Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get Your Ribbon Ladies!

Jani says," Wrap a supply of razor blades in polka-dottish paper and address it to him dans la salle de bain."

I did a quick search to figure out the English translation but I couldn't find it fast. In my rusty French I think it is roughly, "In the bath room." Laura, you seem to have better grasp of French, perhaps you will translate for us.

And just for fun, I intend to revive that red ribbon.

Love you girls,


Ok, ladies. Here it is. No polka dot paper to be had, though.


  1. Kat,

    Perhaps mine should be a ribbon around a car magazine…☺


  2. Hi, Ladies~

    Kat, as I mentioned before, sweet lady, I don't speak French, I cheat and use a translator. And BTW, you ARE correct. It does mean "In the bathroom!" :> )

    We have an abundance of razor blades already in the bathroom, so I will go with a book or a magazine like Hope. It will probably be Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. It's a book that contains short stories, jokes, urban legends, quotes and trivia. They are actually full of some very interesting stuff!

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. Hope,

    You are so cute! Great idea... Let me know if it works.


    Funny story on my razor blades. You know Allen does the grocery shopping, right. That means I rarely get to a store that sells things like razor blades. Friday, though, Allen had to go to town and asked me to go along. I needed a few things from the market so we dropped in on our way home. Sam and I walked from the parking lot across the way while Allen and Ellie moved the car.

    We grabbed our buggy and headed for the milk aisle when the razor blades caught my attention. I picked up a package and then realized I had no clue how to get through the store without Allen seeing them. That was when Sam asked if he could sit in the buggy. I told him sure but he had to sit on Pa's surprise for me. When we were in the parking lot Allen went to put Elisabeth in her car seat and grabbed the razor blades out of the bag so he wouldn't see them but then I didn't know what to do with them. I slid them into one of those little zippered pockets in my purse.

    By the time we got home I was feeling poorly and went to lie down and forgot all about the razor blades. Monday night we were heading to class and I said what is taking up so much room in my bag? Sitting in the car next to Allen I start digging and find the things. Of course, then I was mumbling trying to change the subject. Which I successfully did. But guess what? I forgot all about those razor blades again, until now!

    I am immediately going to dig them up and tie that ribbon around them before I forget into next year.

    Love ya,


  4. Oh, and yes, he saw the ribbon this time. He even asked me if this was THE ribbon and laughed when I said yes, indeed. Then he tied it in my hair with a comment about how now everything tied with the ribbon belonged to him. Giggle.




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