Tuesday, February 2, 2010

He wasn't really sick...

Jani says "Put some asprins, Anacin, Bufferin or other TV flash remedy in a vial in his briefcase. Remember he wasn't really sick before, but he loves attention." Jani, you're slipping: no ribbon around that?!


  1. ROFLOL! I was wondering that same thing myself! LOL

    I have a little Tupperware container that I put in the front pocket of Skippy's lunchbox. That way if he gets a headache, help is right at his fingertips! : > )


  2. Allen has a vial of Advil in his briefcase and in his car so he is ready for any headache occasion. I like to keep him stocked with chap-stick in both places, too. He travels a lot and the dry air in the car and office building can often leave those lips sore.

    Are there any other little things that you find helpful to keep tucked in a convenient spot for your hubby.

    Love to you beautiful ladies!



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