Thursday, February 11, 2010

Remember those cards you made?

Hi, Ladies. I just wanted to remind you... in the beginning I planned to make this a private blog in order to keep it a forum we could be comfortable sharing in. The month of January, and a good part of February, has escaped me already. Please leave me a comment and let me know if you have a preference on this topic. I am torn between leaving it available to others who may like to join in and maintaining our privacy.

Thanks for your input!


And now I will turn you over to...

Jani who says, "Send him a special delivery love note telling him that last night's candlelight dinner was a gas."

Or maybe you could find some more current terminology he might understand? Either way...


  1. Dear Kat,

    I figure you can have it either way…whichever suits you; if there is something that is of a private nature, I would probably not leave a comment on it even if the blog were private. ☺

    Love you!


  2. It's kind of encouraging that anyone can stumble upon this blog and maybe find ways to brighten their husband's day. :-) And like the previous comment says -- if it's too personal, we don't have to comment! :-)

    My candlelight dinner didn't work out last night, as The Husband wasn't hungry, but I'm giggling about what he'd think if I wrote him that anything was 'a gas'. :-D Yeah, potty humor still makes us laugh!

  3. Hi, Ladies~

    I agree with Hope and MMTM in that if it's of a personal nature, we don't need to leave a comment.

    We didn't use oil lamps or candles tonight. We just used the glow of the fire from the wood stove. romantical, and warm! :> )


  4. Thanks, ladies, for your input and helping to clear that up.


    Sorry about the dinner deal... maybe this weekend?

    I wanted to say, how neat it is that you all said about not using lights and using candles instead. That is how we do around here in the winter, too. The lights around the windows (White Christmas lights), the candles on the dinner table and the light from the heat lamp in the lizard cage are all we use. Downstairs it is the wood stove, the lights the kids strung around the support columns and the white lights on my palm tree. It is so much cozier than the bright overhead lights. We even read by those warm little lights. Which my mother told me as a child would make me blind... but it's worth the risk. I should look into an oil lamp or two... it would save on candles.

    Happy Friday,



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