Saturday, February 6, 2010

But It Tickles

Jani says, "Greet him at the door wearing a false mustache. He'll think you're a but will probably kiss you anyway."


  1. I love this blog! How fun and so useful at the same time. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Well, this one zoomed right past me in the busy weekend. I will keep this in mind for Wednesday night when he comes home from traveling... although, I am not certain we have a false mustache sitting around!

    She has a sense of humor, that Jani!

    Before I forget, welcome aboard to LeAnn.

    Well Happy Monday, Ladies.


  3. ROFLOL! Oh, I have missed your guys and to come back to a false mustache is hysterical! lol

    I don't have one lying around either, Kat, but I WILL think of something!

    Welcome to our new ladies and blessings to all~


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