Friday, March 5, 2010

"A Very Merry Unbirthday to You..!"

Jani says, "On a Sunday when you don't think he'll be racing somewhere in the Volkswagen-fill it up with multicolor balloons."


  1. Good Evening Ladies,

    Well, I think I will be a stinker and fill my hubby's car with balloons on a morning when he is leaving early and it will still be dark out. The year my brother turned thirty, he lived with us. We have this tradition of springing balloons on family members on the morning of their birthday.

    Around here, almost everyone commutes to DC for work. It is a harrowing drive with awful traffic. To avoid rush hour, many people, Frank included, leave for work at three in the morning. Well, we weren't getting up even earlier than that to do the balloon deal. So after he went to bed, Allen and I blew up thirty black balloons and stuffed them in his little compact hatchback Hyundai.

    The dome light was broken so when he opened the door it didn't come on. We lived in a town house at the time and each home was only allowed two parking spaces so he was parked on the road. It was completely dark. So he opens his door and tries to get in his car but can't because of all these balloons. Of course, he is wondering what it is that is blocking his way.

    It was so funny. We all still talk about it today... yes, Frank included. Yes, I think dear hubby will get a kick out of that.

    Happy Weekend, ladies!


  2. Hi, Kat~

    That is too funny! I can just IMAGINE the look on Frank's face! LOL


  3. Cute story. I would have to use quite a lot of balloons to fill a van that full.

  4. Yes, Hope. A van would take a few more balloons. You could enlist the kids help and wouldn't they have a blast with that???


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