Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jani says, "Find out more about his day. (Careful, don't bug him.) Just ask once."


  1. "How was your day, sweetie?" is usually the first thing I ask Skippy when he gets home after telling him how much I missed him and how much I lLOOOOOOVE him! MWUAH!

  2. I do ask Allen every day how his day went. Not right when he comes home, though, as first I must wait for the children to finish bombarding him.

    We have a couple that we are close with. They have been married for 35 years. He works many long and late days. But every day that he is in town they have always made it a point to have happy hour just the two of them each evening. Their "hour" lasts two.

    I liked this idea so much, that we make it a point to have a happy hour at the end of the work day during the summer when the kids can stay up later so dinner can be later. We usually sit by the pool and make some fruity/fizzy something and little appetizers. The kids swim, we all snack and Allen and I visit.

    Everyone enjoys it so much! The kids have already started asking me if we will have happy hour this summer. A few years ago Allen bought me an entire book with non alcoholic cocktail recipes. I am always tucking away nice looking but quick to make snacks to go with the happy hour.

    In our crazy world, it is just as important to save a special time for our hubby's as it is to make that time for our daily devotions with the Lord.



  3. Kat, I just LOVE the idea of happy hour and think we will make that part of our daily routine!

    THANK YOU for such a wonderful idea!

  4. Oh, gee, Laura.

    That's what we are here for! Besides, I can't take credit... we'll give to Uncle Griffith and Auntie Helen.

    Happy Friday, dear one.



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