Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's For You!

Jani says, "Call him up and tell him you're ecstatic about Bell inventing the telephone 'cause it's so easy for you two to keep in touch this way. Bell's birthday is in March."


  1. Thank goodness for Skype. I wonder who invented it?

  2. Hi, Ladies~

    @Erin - Skype's website credits Swedish entrepreneur Niklas Zennström and Danish entrenprenuer Janus Friis with the invention of their peer-to-peer telephony application. Zennström now serves as the CEO of Skype, while Friis is the Executive Vice President of Innovation. Don't you just love Google? :> )

    I can do this one if My Skippy Man calls me from work. My cell phone screen went black so now I can't do ANYTHING on it! I feel lost not being able to text "I LOVE YOU" to him during the day! :> (


  3. Hi, Erin!

    I am so excited to see you hear at my 365. You indeed will be facing lots of extra challenges in the effort to show your sweetie love every day of the year with him so very far away. Let us know how we can be of service to you!


    Thanks for all that info on Skype. We had lunch with some friends on Sunday and their son just recently returned from Iraq. She was telling us how much they benefited from Skype while he was there. We keep saying we must look into it to keep up with my sister in Sicily.

    Happy Day, ladies!



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