Monday, March 15, 2010

Springtime Drive

Jani says, "Get him in the car and take him on a 'delightful Springtime ride because you love him' ".



  1. Ah, spring...I think I should take a spring time drive, take pictures, email them to him and they say nanner nanner - he informed me that where he was hit 110 degrees yesterday. Springtime abounds!

    No, seriously, terrific idea...I'm just keeping my sense of humor as we learn to do this long-distance thing.

  2. Hi, Ladies~

    Erin, you are a hoot. I would do the same thing to Skippy! LOL However, he is home on the weekends and I think this Saturday sounds like a "Spring Drive Day" here on the farm.

    WAHOO COOKIE! :> )

    What's really great that Skippy LOVES to do, is drive out of town and just take turn after turn after turn, just looking around at different things taking pictures. Then, when he's ready to go home (and by this time we have NO CLUE WHERE WE ARE), he'll push home on the GPS and find our way out. He's a NUT! lol

    Have a great day, ladies!


  3. Erin,

    I think that is a super idea! A good way to use your noggin to keep each other close while you are so far away.


    Allen and I have had a harrowing week with unexpected things popping up. I am going to kidnap him tomorrow afternoon while the youngers nap for a drive down the back roads with the sun roof open. The weather is supposed to be great Friday. Not so much on Saturday.

    Love ya!



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