Sunday, March 7, 2010

Say Cheese

Jani says, "Bring your photo on his desk up to date."


  1. Bill does not even have a photo of me...not even in his billfold. I took some photos of myself some years ago when he said he wanted a photo, but he never took one...I never asked why. Actually, to tell the truth, I would prefer he had an older one if he suddenly decided he just had to have one…I was so much cuter then. ☺


  2. Allen has a number of photos of me in his billfold. He even has one from when I was eighteen. Which looks far more like our Kaitlin than me at this stage in my life:) He does not have one on his desk here at home... well, because I am just a few steps away when he is working at home. However, he has a picture of us from our trip to St. Kitts as his screen saver. I am going to bring that one up to date. Changing each others screen savers is a little game our family plays with each other periodically anyway.

    Now, I happen to think you are very cute, as I am sure Bill does, too. Maybe you need to get some of those adorable pictures you took in your garden last summer, in your new dress, and print them out and put one in his bill fold for him. The next time he goes to pay for the fill up in the van he will be tickled to see his sweetheart. You can have any photo printed into a sheet of wallets for next to nothing at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or anywhere that does digital printing... which is just about anywhere. You can likely do it online, too.



  3. Hi, Ladies~

    Skippy has one of me sitting in front of the Luray Caverns from back in 1984 that he keeps in his wallet. He doesn't have a desk at work so I will print out an updated one from when we were up on Skyline Drive a few months ago. He really likes that one! :> )



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