Friday, March 12, 2010


Jani says, "Make a decoupage of his first love note to you. It's not such an involved thing. This art of decorating with paper cutouts starts with a small can of white shellac and a small can of orange shellac, some Elmer's glue, a rasp (a funny name for a big file), some Krylon Clear Spray, and some steel wool. (And don't have him bring home the stuff!)

"Take any old piece of wood big enough to paste you love letter on. Now, with a hammer, or anything mace-like, beat on the poor piece of wood. Then round off the edges. Now paste on the letter with Elmer's and, when dry, spray with Krylon. When this is dry, sand smooth with steel wool till the letter looks like part of the wood itself. Then brush with two parts white and one part orange shellac. Add more coats until the desired antique-y affect is achieved. Burn the edges all around with a candle. Add a chain and you can hang it up in his closet. (If this is all just too puzzling, try your library for Complete Book of Decoupage by Frances Wing.)"



  1. I don't know about "first", but I've actually framed a couple of the best cards Superman has given me over the years...does that count?

  2. This is really funny. The kids just spent a considerable amount of time trying out decoupage to decorate some wooden boxes to store their art supplies. It was a blast. I don't know if I can bring myself to destroy one of his love letters to put it on a box. I do keep a wooden chest, about the size of a shoe box, on my closet shelf filled with all the love letters he sent me when we were living in different states. Once in a while they come down for old times sake.

    Happy Wednesday!



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