Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day!

Jani says, buy him the 'First of May'. Well, anyway, paint the bathroom sunny yellow."


  1. Yellow would be sooooo much better than the Barney purple we have in there now. Why did I ever let Skippy pic out the color in the first place! lol


  2. Laura,

    I can hardly imagine a Barney purple bathroom. One time I decided to use the long nights while Allen was out of town to paint our bathroom a sunny yellow. I woke up during the night and went to the bathroom. It was so bright, IT HURT MY EYES! I am not kidding. The moral of the story is... choose your yellow carefully!

    Ironically enough, we have a bathroom in need of painting and Allen is going to be out of town this week... maybe I will surprise him with a little less work to do when he gets back.

    Thanks, Jani!


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