Friday, May 28, 2010

Jani says, "Meet him at the office with a red plaid tablecloth and proceed to picnic in the park. Men really strongly dislike picnics so take along something easy to eat in the primitive manner. Try prosciutto and melon."


  1. At first I thought Jani meant, meet him at his office wearing a read plaid tablecloth…I had to revisit that ☺.

    Do mean really strongly dislike picnics? Bill is a romantic and therefore loves picnics.

    We went on a picnic on Wednesday in our nearby Capitol Park. The read plaid tablecloth would have been a nice touch☺.


  2. Well, Hope. Considering some of the other ideas she has come up with, lest we forget the Grecian theme, wearing a red plaid tablecloth may not be so far off☺

    We enjoy picnics and take many. Years and years ago my sister gave us a gorgeous wicker hamper with china for picnicking and all packed inside and a wool red plaid picnic blanket. We have gotten much use from that hamper over the years.

    Although you can't go wrong with prosciutto and melon.


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