Sunday, May 2, 2010

His & Hers

Jani says, "Get a set of matching shower caps. These are probably too inexpensive to find in the Neiman-Marcus his-and-hers catalogue."


  1. Allen's hair is a half inch long. Not much need for a shower cap. And I don't think he'd care to have one to match my pink one anyway. However... as he is preparing to leave town for a while on business, I have been thinking of some of the ways I try to show him I love him and am thinking about him, even when he is away from home.

    It starts with making sure he has everything he needs packed away in his suitcase. He likes me to check all his outfits over for him before he goes to a meeting so I always match a complete suit of clothes together, including socks, and fold the set inside the pants before stacking the outfits in his suitcase.

    I don't stop at what he needs, I try to add things that will make his time away from home more comfortable. Snacks for late nights working in his hotel room, i Pod, noise canceling headphones for long plane rides, books or magazines, chewing gum and chapstick among other things.

    And the kids and I try to slip in some little reminders that will make him eager to get home soon. Photos, drawings from the kids, love notes... once I even tucked a nightie in one of the pockets that was spritzed with my perfume. (He really liked that one, but said he was awful happy that they didn't pick his suitcase apart on that flight. He would have had a tough time explaining a pink silk nightie!)

    You all get the idea. It's tough to be apart but we can still make sure our fellows know that we want to take care of them, even when we are 2000 miles apart.



  2. That shower cap idea is so funny! I don't think Bill would ever wear a shower cap. I wonder what the thought line was in those days.

    Dear Kat,
    I am sure Allen appreciates every little detail. ☺ What a happy man he must be!



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