Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jani says, "Have a pedicure. Then buy a sprightly set of sandals.Some men are hung up on feet."


  1. It’s a good thing Bill is not hung up on my fee, because they is ugly! Sigh.
    I was just looking at my feet today; my right foot looks ten years older than my left foot. I guess I cannot have everything. ☺


  2. Hope,

    I am sure your feet aren't THAT bad! And I am sure Bill loves your feet as much as he loves the rest of you☺

    I gave myself a pedicure this morning so Allen will have happy toes to greet him this evening. I got new sandals on Mother's Day weekend so I won't be buying a new pair.



    PS... Hope, what exactly could be so ugly about one foot verses another anyway???


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