Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jani says, "Shine his shoes following the notorious 'walk in your local woods', and get him some extra packets of those marvelous little individually wrapped Lady Esquire disposable shoe shiners- 'cause when 'there's a shine on his shoes there's a melody in his heart!' "


  1. Alas, Bill’s job is not the sort for shiny shoes. ☺


  2. Does anyone shine their shoes anymore? I remember my father shining his shoes on a regular basis. All my kin that served in the military shined their shoes when they were on active duty. But I have a hard time even finding shoe polish for my boys' dress shoes anymore. It seems most people just get new shoes. Allen needs a new pair of brown dress shoes to go with his linen slacks for the summer. I thought about putting a new pair in his closet for him, but decided against it. Not because I wouldn't get something he'd like, but because I would worry about getting a good fit. I decided I am going to take him shoe shopping instead.


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