Friday, April 23, 2010

Jani says, "On April 23rd, put a note on his breakfast plate bearing four of his favorite lines from Shakespeare to commemorate the Bard's birthday. You'll have to decide if it's 'To be or not to be',  'Age cannot wither her', or 'Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow', or whatever." 


  1. Jani,

    You are really stretching me on all this poetry business. Neither of us have ever been particularly interested in poetry and every time I turn around you want me to quote more of it. I really don't know much about Shakespeare except what we learned in my literature classes in school. I got a video to watch curled up together after the kids were in bed on one of these many rainy nights. Now we just need a quiet evening at home together to do so. I guess it will be "Tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow."



  2. Hi Kat,

    I also am not really interested in poetry. Although I do like that line, “Age cannot wither her" ☺.



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