Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Arbor Day

Jani says, "Get him a tiny tree to celebrate Arbor Day and have a 'plaque' made up for it bearing his nickname. Check the 'Keep Off the Grass' sign department of the hardware store for the machine that engraves inexpensive signs like mailbox name tags."


  1. This might be fun indeed. We have an apple tree that Allen keeps saying needs replacing. I think I will do that while he is out of town next week and it will be one less thing off his to do list. I like the sign... not because we care if anyone walks on the grass... but it seems like it would look cute perched under a little tree!

    Happy Day,


  2. Oh, I can see it now............KEEP OFF THE SKIPPY GRASS! ROFLOL!

    We have trees in our woods that need to be transplanted. I think I will move a couple to the front of the house where he can see them every time he leaves and comes home!



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