Thursday, October 28, 2010

And Now For Something A Little Different

Ok... I've ignored this blog far too long. And since I can't post on my other blog, due to unresolved technical errors, it seems like a good time to get my rear in gear.  If anyone understands the Piccasa issue, do drop me an email.

In the meantime, for those who read our family blog, you know that my life has been a bit "chaotic" these last few months, both figuratively and literally.  Which is why this blog has more than been ignored.  With resolve to get back at it, the catch is that our basement is still turned upside down.  It is hard to find anything at this time, including my 365 Ways to Say I Love You book. 

This whole year has turned into the year for doing things I wouldn't normally do.  For doing things different.  A year for changing plans.

So what a great time to shake things up here a bit.  I hope you agree... whoever you are out there who might actually read this some day.

I thought what I would do, for now anyway, is instead of writing Jani's ideas, I will write personal ideas that I try to incorporate into our days, nights and very busy life to make sure my true love always knows he's still the apple of my eye.

With Allen away so often, keeping in touch with each other is important to keeping our marriage healthy.  Attempting to keep as close as possible to a regular routine, despite coming and going and many fluctuations in our regular schedule, is important to keeping our family healthy.

One of the most important parts of our marriage is our morning prayer and Bible study time.  At six am our alarm goes off each day.  When Allen is here, before we get out of bed or even turn the lights on, our day starts in prayer together.    After that we read the Bible.  Sometimes we read together and sometimes Allen reads aloud to me.  I love to hear him read aloud.

So how do we manage that when Allen is often on the road before six am?  What about weeks like this when he is hopping from state to state?

This morning our alarms went off at 6 am Maryland time and 5 am Texan time.  In our separate states, we took time to pray for our family, church, each other and those other issues the Lord has laid on our joint heart.  We may not be able to snuggle in prayer but we were still able to go before His throne together.       



  1. Wonderful! Skype has helped us stay close, regardless of the miles. I always think of that silly little song from An American Tale "Somewhere"...same bright star, just a different perspective.

  2. Hi Kat,

    There isn’t any better way than this to keep a marriage strong.

    I am glad to see you here. I thought you had quit this blog. Since I had deleted my old gmail account, I had no link to this blog.



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